Monday, October 5, 2015

when you didn't even mean to find them...

guys, i know you've missed me and struggled to survive without my style musings. i have let you all down, it's true. but i've just been such a busy little bee living my busy little life in my busy little world....

so since i have started this new paleo diet (it's hard to believe, i know... i am only on day 2, but still - plus i feel cool and sporty just saying "paleo") since i have started this new paleo diet, it means i can no longer take 10 million breaks a day to eat a donut or a cupcake or drink an iced latte with almond syrup...and since i have also been doing a million squats thanks to a new serbian trainer, i also can't walk anywhere...SO, good news for you, my little minions -- this means that my breaks have become about googling and online shopping (like the good oldddd daysssss yeaeyaeyeayeyaaa!).

SO, today, in my five minutes of break time, i started reading about fall fashion trends and about how the chanel slingback is back on top and was seen everywhere blah blah blah. so then i was like hmm, let's take a look at this little slingback, it's not really mah style, but let's check it out...and THEN..OF COURSE! through no fault of my own, i stumble upon the FLAT version of the chanel slingback...and guys, it was love at first sight. i didnt even WANT to fall in love, it just happened....don't they say how love always happens when you aren't looking (or slash shouldn't be spending money)...

well, that's what has happened here, folks. i can't get the flat version out of my head. yes, they don't SEEEEEEM exciting, but they are short and sweet and unassuming (just like me!), but hip and cool and quirky (also just like me!!)....ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

they would just be so cool with almost everything...think about ripped jeans, white tshirt, leather jacket, and THESE...or think about boyfriend jeans, white tshirt, leather jacket, and THESE....or (if shorts are your thang), think about shorts, white tshirt, leather jacket, and THESE. ugh, i know - you feel it too, don't you?

so...what do we do now? we were not even in the market for new shoes. we were not even looking for new shoes. we had already been a bit irresponsible the last couple of months and were on a shopping fast....but alas, we have fallen in love...

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

a little sneaky sneaker problem...

so my sneaker problem is not really a little sneaky problem, but rather a BIG sneaker problem. and it's a real BIG problem because i am a real living, breathing grown up now (even if i don't look like one) with a real grown up person job where sneakers cannot be worn on a daily basis.

so i saw the stan smiths and i was like HEY, i need those in my closet if i am going to be taken seriously as a caajinista (after all, the whole premise behind caaj cool actually predates normcore as all you loyal blog followers must know). so anyways, i was like HEY...i need those. those are cheapie (especially if you fit into kiddie sizes, SCORE!!..) and can serve as my one way to buy into the normcore thing on the weekends when i'm not busy being very important at my very real and important job.

so i got those...

then a couple of days later, i was at jcrew during my trip to AMERICA, and i saw a pair of nike blazer vintage hi-tops and i was like HEY, i need those too if i am going to look like a cool and caaj trendsetter who doesn't take herself so seriously...and for a 100 buckeroos, not too bad!

then...i got back to italy..and i saw the golden goose sneaks everywhere and i was like...omg, these are like the stan smiths but with a grungy cool beaten up vibe which would add a whole other layer of complexity to my i was like HEY, mom - it's almost eid (yes, my mom still buys me eid presents - after all, i don't have endless resources to buy all the sneakers this little heart desires in the world, c'mon guys!)...and so i added those to my sneaker repertoire...

AND THENNNNNN....i went to london for the wknd, and saw the air max everywhere i turned...and while at first i had resisted the airmax trend because i really did think they were hideous, i have now decided that they are kind of ugly, but also just look soooo cute with jeans, an oversized sweather, and boxy's the ultimate caaj thing  - when you you find something kind of so ugly, but then also kind of love i went onto and actually MTO'd a pair (for those in the know (or rather those who work for gucci) - that is made-to-order) of a faux white croco pair (sounds really ugly and cheapo looking, i know...but wait till u see those babies on these little feeties!!!)

and sends me this email with Holiday Essentials...and lo and behold, there is a pair of the coolest, caajest black adidas originals that are just screaaaaaaaaaming my name...i don't have a pair of black sneaks still...maybe i NEED them too?? no, hib-i mean caaj kim, don't do it.

ok friends, i will heed your warning. don't you worry, my little readers, i will resist their call. i am exercising self-control. it's hard - very hard (almost as hard as not having eaten a cupcake or french fries in a month - TRUE STORY, MY LOYAL READERS, TRUE STORY - look who is developing real adult eating habits!!). so instead of buying them, i am going to write about them to satisfy my urge (it's part of my 12-step program)...let's hope it works - let's really hope it works..i'm not making any promises though.

if you see a pair of black adidas gazelles on these little feeties paired with a cute girly frock or skinny jeans and a leather jacket - forget you ever read this post..and just know that i tried, i really tried, to resist.

Monday, May 5, 2014

the mule

guys, my loyal fans, my dedicated followers, my little minions...

i have a serious case of the-mondays-after-a-four-day-weekend-in-saint-tropez. it’s a very specific case of the mondays, a very tryhard case of the mondays because everyone knows that only tryhards go to saint tropez and then write about it on their blog – but today i feel like being a tryhard, so sue me. so given my case of the mondays where my work-to-break ratio has become 20 minutes of work to 1 hour of fun, I figured I would share my latest fashion musings during one of my many 1 hours of fun-time to be taken throughout today (i should probably de-friend all work colleagues before posting...but hey, i'm a rebel who likes to live on the edge...).

i know every fashion publication that pops up on my facebook newsfeed says that THE MULE is THE shoe of the summer, but i am not 100% convinced for two main reasons, which i will breakdown in the following lines of wisdom if you just bear with me. 

firstly, the mule is just too casual a shoe. sure, i’ll wear it to the park. sure, i’ll wear it while i shop. sure, i’ll wear it to the grocery store. sure, i’ll even wear it to brunch. but will I ever wear it to work? probably not. backless shoes are just too damn unprofessional. now if i were one of those blessed beauties who got live off mah man and chill during the day or had my own company so i didn’t ever have to go to the office – brunchin, munchin, yoga-in (though i don’t think i would ever be into yoga, but i feel like it’s part of the dream – i like to claim that i’d have a super hot bod if i didn’t have a full-time job, but i am about 100.5% sure that would not be the case – i would actually be just as lazy as i am currently, and i would actually probably eat even more baked goods because i would be so damned happy to not be working in an office (in my little life to-date, i have found the chub to happiness correlation is very high – the happier i am, the chubbier i am – my future husband is VERY excited about the sound of this, men everywhere rejoice!!)

okay so my second reason for not being convinced is actually not really related to the mule, but rather to the birkenstock. I know the very appeal of the birkenstock is the fact that it doesn’t totally go, makes your outfit look more caaj, and just makes it seem like you don’t care…but there are times when i just can’t opt for the birkenstock over a shoe that will actually make my outfit cuter. it’s really hard for me, guys. i’ve tried – God knows i’ve tried. i have almost even made it out the door, but then, in the last second, i always relent and switch to the cuter shoes. i do like the floral ones that i have seen out and about, but i still think i would only wear those to pick up flowers or to pick up my kiddies from school or maybe run to the store to grab some milk (obvi to feed those damn kiddies and to try to counteract the fact that their mom is only five feet three inches tall and their grandma only five feet flat).

anyways, there you have it, folks – my stance on the mule and birkenstock. now that all being said, i will obviously still purchase the alexander wang dina mules as well as the isabel marant Birkenstocks since every fashion publication tells me that it is THE it shoe and I need to obviously partake in the trend or else I wouldn’t be much of a caaj kim, would i, butttttttttttttt at least everyone knows how i really feel (does that make it better or worse when i sell out?)

Friday, January 10, 2014

you know what i hate?

you know what i hate?

I HATE when there is something that starts becoming big, then gets bigger, and part of me wants to buy in, but i just keep putting it off bc i'm just not ready to commit, i'm not 100% sure it's worth the investment, i'm not 100% sold on the idea, it just seems SO predictable, so mainstream...but THEN, over time, i can't get the thing out of my head, and i keep seeing outfits with said item, and eventually, i relent...but i relent at the point in the item's life cycle, where it no longer makes SENSE to commit. the item is on its way out. it only has about 1-3 months of life left in its little leggies before it disappears into oblivion...yet, I just spent xxxx dollars on it, so either i wear it the number of times it takes to justify the investment, even if it is no longer cool and past its prime, and look like a fashion lewser who did not get the memo that said item is now no longer cool, or then i just accept that i made a bad investment and next time, i should NOT try to be responsible and resist the temptation of buying yet another pair of shoes...i mean, "said item".

(obviously this has never happened to me..i am just expressing a general sentiment that i'm sure is often felt by the fashion masses who aren't caajinistas such as myself who never makes any fashion snafus...i am obvi just using "i" in an effort to empathize with the fashion masses, show that i am one of them, just a little clothes lover trying to figure it out like the rest of them..what can i say guys, i'm just a (wo)man of the blog publicist told me that this was a good PR move..).

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

the requisite isabel marant post

so in case you were living under a rock, don't check facebook 9,000,565,388 times daily, or are too deep a person to follow frivolous fashion news (for those that fall under this category, watch andrea sachs get TOLD by miranda priestly for thinking the same -, isabel marant for h&m happened last week and yours truly, caajKim, did not purchase a single piece.

i know you're shocked - how can a caajinista such as myself not purchase from a collection produced by the truest caajinista of them all, isabel marant?!?! well, the truth is folks, i did not purchase from the isabel marant for h&m collection for the same reason that i don't go out on halloween or new years - I HATE THINGS THAT CAUSE A FRENZY. maybe it's the introvert lurking deep within me, but i hate when things get too busy, too crazy, too much ruckus, too much excitement. i hate lining up for stuff. i hate getting on a waitlist. i hate purchasing tickets ahead of time. it all causes far too much anxiety in me. i like the red carpet roll-out. i like to breezily saunter into stores without any craziness or hoopla. yeah sure, i'll wait in line for a cronut or a cupcake, but THAT'S where i draw the line. okay, no, i will also wait in line for a burger from shake shack...but THAT'S IT, PEOPLE. (luckily, i am usually the one running late, so by the time i get there, the friends waiting in line are near the front, so it's not so bad and people waiting in line to consume food are not sticklers for line rule etiquette like those waiting to consume fashion..LUCKY DUCKY FOR ME!)

but okay, back to isabel marant. to be honest, all these people talk about how it's so great for these high-end, super discreet designers to do a collaboration to raise awareness, but i really don't understand the draw. i am sorry, but it DOES dilute the brand value, especially when it's a brand like isabel marant who is ALL about discretion and for people-in-the-know, so why would you want to increase mass appeal? it's a slippery slope, my friends - slippery like that last little piece of spaghetti that you just can't seem to capture with your fork. okay actually it's not slippery like that at all - wrong comparison. i guess it's slipperier like an icy mountain you're trying to climb. bottom line, i don't really get the motivation.

but anyways, enough of my musings. all this being said, if there was no line for isabel marant for h&m, no sell-out,  no secondary ebay market, no frenzy, no craziness, i would have purchased the oversized blazer, coat, and sequin pants shown below...not gonna lie, they are pret-ty cute and caaj..


Friday, October 11, 2013

skater caaj

guys, the caaj skater in me is seriously rejoicing...i LOVE these by givenchy!!! i could totally see myself speeding down the street on a skateboard with these babies on my footsies, miu miu clutch in one hand and the other straight-out in front for balance of course (skateboarding with the right form is no joking matter, my friends). i am not sold on the leather skinnies as appropriate skateboarding attire would be tough to skateboard in the leather skinnies (limited bending etc.) unless of course they have stretch! i would, however, wear this look while not skateboarding (which is rare since i'm always zooming around on that thing since it lets you cover twice as much ground - it's just so convenient when you are a little person like me).

i would wear this look to the movies, to the mall (though there are no malls in milan), to the duomo (there is one of those in milan), to a restaurant, to a cafe, to get the mail, to go to art class, to get drinks, from the couch to the fridge and back to the couch, EVEN TO THE GROCERY STORE. in short, i would wear this look anywhere and everywhere (except when skateboarding). when on my skateboard, i would trade out the leather skinnies for looser hammer pants - i like to be comfy when skateboarding..

Thursday, October 10, 2013

just a small little postie..

guys, i am seriously slammed right now at work, not sure WHEN i will leave tonight. BUT, i stumbled upon these babies during my 5 minutes of fun time while eating a piece of cake i stole from the gucci cafeteria (picture at bottom)...and i just HAD to post - just a short and sweet (just like me) little post about these amazinggggg little mocassin loafers. man that isabel sure knows WHAT'S UP. they're just calling my name..they're like "KIM! KIMMM!!" and i'm like "NOT NOW, CAN'T U SEE I'M CRANKING?!" though kim is not my real name. c'mon guys, obvi i use a pseudonym - can't have people knowing my real identity!! these little mocassin loafers just screaammmmm CAAAJJJ NATIVE AMERICANNNN!!! i am so obsessed. damn, my 5 minutes of fun time have gone into over-time - i am in the 7 minutes of fun time range know me, made to live on the EDGE. thank GOD i type fast, guys. OKAY, cake is done, so gots to go. DON'TULOVETHEMTOO?!